Energy is Opportunity

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Based in Geraldton, Behind the Meter Energy provides solar & energy solutions to across Western Australia. Our mission is to provide the best outcome for everyone from large commercial to small residential to remote area clients.


The team of dedicated engineers and financial experts provide everything you need to make an informed decision about transforming the way you use energy. You might be surprised how easy it is to transition away from conventional carbon intensive energy to clean technology while improving your cash flow.

We pride ourselves on our innovative approach to energy, as such our analysts consider the impact of more than just solar on your bottom line. Opportunities in the areas of energy storage, voltage optimisation, power factor correction and much more can offer a competitive advantage. All of this will be presented in a single, easy to understand proposal. Contact us for a free quote today.

PPAAcquiring solar can traditionally be difficult for a number of reasons. Availability of capital funding, strict procurement procedures as well as restrictive tenancy arrangements can make it seem like solar is out of reach.

Enter BTM and our Solar Power Purchase Agreements. Not only can we help you overcome these hurdles, we can generate energy cheaper than you can buy it with no upfront cost to tenants or property owners.

Stop funding the big polluters and take advantage of the changing energy landscape. Speak to one of our solar experts, and find out what BTM can do for you.