Your Energy Bill

Your energy retailer calculates your energy bill from your energy consumption and your tariff rate. A fixed supply charge is also charged for each day of the billing period.

A common misconception is that with solar and battery storage you will no longer need to pay a power bill. Your bill will be much smaller but you will still have to pay at least the supply charge for each day.

It is typical for power bills of homes and small to medium businesses to reduce by around 50% with a solar PV system and 80% with both solar and storage.

In Western Australia it is common to have an anytime consumption tariff. These tariffs mean you pay the same rate for energy no matter what time of day. This suits the majority of customers who have no solar PV system.

When you get a quote from BTM Energy for a system, we will also provide a recommendation on what tariff to switch to to ensure the fastest payback for your investment.

If you are the owner of a large business it is possible you have a large complex tariff. These can vary greatly so BTM Energy assesses these case by case to provide you with an estimated payback.

Did you know that only around a third of your power bill actually pays for the energy itself? The below chart shows the largest contributor to energy bills in Australia is actually network charges. This is the main reason why your retailer pays you less for exporting electricity compared to what you pay for importing electricity.


See below a full breakdown of a standard residential tariff.