September 03 2019 0Comment

Sponsorship of Film Harvest Midwest

We are proud to announce that BTM are now sponsors of the local Film Harvest Midwest!

Film Harvest Midwest is an INDEPENDENT festival partnering with regional businesses and engaging with the local community – something that BTM really values.

Film Harvest Midwest embraces quality films that wouldn’t ordinarily be presented in regional WA and features a different film at Orana Cinemas every Wednesday night,

Be sure to pop along this Wednesday September 4th to catch Run Nation Film Festival! a moving collection of short films that uses running as a medium of storytelling, is sure to keep you on your toes! Catch your breathe on a Hebridean island with ‘Rorys’ Way’, but not for long – the protagonist must leave his beloved Scottish home to be cared for by his estranged son in San Francisco! Now the pace has picked up, Italian Thriller ‘Dogman’ will get your heart racing! This David vs Goliath tale is pure arthouse gold. Our journey ends with a touching cross-cultural comedy drama that explores family relations and cultural attitudes to the end of life.

We will see you there!