Solar Power Purchase Agreements - SPPA's

Get your business powered with ZERO UPFRONT COSTS

Have you considered a Solar Power Purchase Agreement? Acquiring solar can sometimes be difficult due to a number of reasons:

  • Availability of capital funding;
  • Strict procurement procedures;
  • Restrictive tenancy arrangements.

These can make it seem like solar is out of reach for many people.

This is where BTM and our Solar Power Purchase Agreements (SPPAs) come in. Not only can we help you overcome these hurdles, we can generate energy cheaper than you can buy it with no upfront cost to tenants or property owners. This lets you enjoy cheaper and cleaner energy right away with no investment required.

Why go with a Solar Power Purchase Agreement?

There is zero up-front costs for the system. What’s more, we will take care of any ongoing maintenance for free so you can sit back and enjoy the benefits.

Cheaper electricity rates for the duration of the contract. At the end of the contract the system is yours to keep – so you’ll save even more than you did during the contract! Add value to your property and reduce your carbon footprint by purchasing clean energy from the sun.

How does this all happen?

Get in touch with us. Speak to one of our energy consultants and send us a copy of your current electricity bill and we will get your energy data.

From there we will conduct an assessment, come back with an offer and show how the savings will stack up over the course of the SPPA.

If you choose to proceed we will install solar on your premises and you will start receiving an electricity bill for the solar energy at the agreed rate.

As you are still connected to the grid, any shortfall in energy from the solar is supplied as normal.

Make the switch to solar with an SPPA today!

The Smart Choice. Switch to Solar with BTM Enegry.