Power Purchase Agreements

A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is a contract that allows businesses and property owners in Australia to have a solar system installed at their site with zero up-front costs.

These PPA’s can be split into 2 different kinds:

  1.  Solar Power Purchase Agreements (SPPA’s)
  2.  Energy Supply and Power Purchase Agreement

Solar Power Purchase Agreement

All energy produced can be purchased by the property owner and their tenants to reduce the amount of electricity purchased from the grid. The amount of energy will be pre-determined in the agreement based on your energy consumption and will be no greater than the amount produced by the system. The cost of the energy will depend on the installation but will never be more than the government regulated tariff that you are eligible for.

This agreement can only be with an energy producer holding a retail exemption licence such as Behind the Meter Energy and can only be done if the system is installed on your property.

Energy Supply and Power Purchase Agreement

We will install a solar system and manage the embedded network and electricity account at your property. Property owners and tenants will then purchase all electricity used from us at rate no greater than the standard gazetted tariff rate. This is the L1 tariff for small businesses and the L3 tariff for large businesses.

Why go with a PPA?

There is zero up-front costs for the system. What’s more, we will take care of any ongoing maintenance for free so you can sit back and enjoy the benefits.

Add value to your building. At the end of the contract the system is yours to keep.

Reduce your carbon emissions. The planet isn’t getting any cooler, latest reports show rapid emission reductions are more crucial than ever. While policy makers are proceeding largely with business as usual, not everyone need adopt this glacial pace response.

How does this all happen?

Contact us and let us know your situation. We’ll just need a little bit of information on your energy usage to get started .

After assessing your electricity consumption profile and available roof space we will provide you with a tailored design solution and PPA offer. In some circumstances this could be a range of options for you to choose from.

Upon signing up you will agree to buy electricity from us for a pre-determined time period.

No need to worry about if the system is performing correctly as we are monitoring it for you. Just carry on as you were.