Solar Inverters

Choosing a reliable & efficient solar inverter is crucial when it comes to system design. Without the inverter operational, the DC power from the solar panels cannot be turned into AC so it can’t be used. Be sure that your inverter is appropriate for the environment – in Australia this usually means that it can handle heat, dust and salty air. We only supply inverters that are also supported by a manufacturer with strong industry reputation as we believe this is essential to make the most of your solar investment.

Below are some of our most used and most trusted solar inverter brands.



Fronius are an Austrian company with over 70 years of industry experience. Their product is not only the incredibly reliable but is also packed with communication features. You won't find any compromise on quality within these inverters.

  • 97-98% Efficiency
  • 5+5 Year Product Warranty (extendable to 20 years)
  • Temperature Operating Range: -25~60°C
  • Manufactured in Austria
  • Manufacturer Monitoring Solution


SMA are the biggest name in solar inverters. Founded in 1981, they manufacture inverters for all solar applications and set the benchmark for premium quality solar. While their engineers are based in Germany they have transitioned much of their manufacturing to China in the last few years.

  • 97-98% Efficiency
  • 5 Year Product Warranty (extendable to 20 years)
  • Temperature Operating Range: -25~60°C
  • Manufactured in China
  • Manufacturer Monitoring Solution​


Delta are a ubiquitous electronics manufacturer founded in 1971. Their inverters are designed by German engineers who just want to make energy. This philosophy keeps cost down through simple design. Third party monitoring is recommended when installing a Delta inverter.

  • 98% Efficiency
  • 10 Year Product Warranty
  • Temperature Operating Range: -25~60°C
  • Manufactured in China
  • Third Party Monitoring Required

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Not sure what to look for? Checkout this third party advice to see what you should be looking out for when it comes to purchasing solarf. We strongly recommend you do your research on all solar companies that you get quotes from.