Solar pays for itself quickest when more of the energy produced is used directly. This is referred to as self-consumption.

The graph below shows real data from one of our installations at a residential premise. The yellow is the energy produced by the solar PV system and the purple is energy consumed on site. Where these two overlap is where the most money is saved. Most Australian households are eligible for a feed-in tariff so you will still save money on everything you export but it will save you 3-4 times as much to use it directly.

Self Consumption

It is more difficult for businesses to get feed-in tariffs and they are usually lower. However because typical business hours are during the day, rates of self-consumption are much higher.

SA-Self Consumption Business

The appeal of batteries is that they can store your excess energy during the day and then use it later, effectively increasing your self-consumption and thus lowering your energy bill.