Behind the Meter Energy provides only top quality installations with the most robust technologies suited for Australian conditions. Installing residential solar in Geraldton and the Midwest since 2010, we aim to provide you with a system that will perform faultlessly and hassle free beyond its warranted lifetime.

Headquartered in Geraldton and with an office presence in Perth, we take after sales service and support very seriously. Just like our solar panels and systems, we’re in it for the long haul. As a local provider we are here to provide assistance when needed and pride ourselves on maintaining an excellent level of customer satisfaction. As the only Clean Energy Council Retailer based North of Perth, BTM have proven their commitment to providing an honest, informative and transparent service.

Residential Projects


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    Solar Panels

    We use a range of quality solar panels to suit the needs of different customers.

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    Solar Batteries

    Solar Batteries, also called Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) allow excess solar electricity to be stored during the day and used later on.

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    Solar Inverters

    Choosing a reliable & efficient solar inverter is crucial when it comes to system design.

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