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Behind the Meter Energy provides only top quality installations with the most robust technologies suited for Australian conditions. Installing residential solar panels in Geraldton and the Midwest since 2010, we aim to provide you with a system that will perform faultlessly and hassle free beyond its warranted lifetime.

Headquartered in Geraldton and with an office presence in Perth, we take after sales service and support very seriously. Just like our solar panels and solar systems, we’re in it for the long haul. As a local provider we are here to provide assistance when needed and pride ourselves on maintaining an excellent level of customer satisfaction.

As the only Clean Energy Council Retailer based North of Perth, BTM have proven their commitment to providing an honest, informative and transparent service.

Why Choose BTM Energy?

  • 100% locally owned and operated in Geraldton WA
  • CEC Accredited Retailer and Installer
  • Over a decade experience in solar installations
  • Quick turnaround from order to install
  • Your Geraldton solar power experts
  • Midwest solar retailer and installer
  • We are here for the long haul!

Residential Solar Installations


The upfront cost of your solar system is affected by a number of factors, including:

  • government rebates and incentives available
  • contractor installation costs
  • type and number of solar panels, which affect the output of your system in kilowatts (kW)
  • type and size of inverter (the part of the system that converts the electrical output of your solar panels into AC electricity for use in your home or business)
  • type of framing equipment and other system components
  • height and accessibility of roof and whether it is tiled, metal or concrete
    any after-sales service agreements

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Benefits of solar power include:

  • Renewable energy source
  • Reduces electricity bills
  • Diverse applications
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Technology development

Largely due to the generous federal rebate that is still very much alive and kicking, installing a larger system does not cost much more than a smaller one. If you have enough space on your roof it is always worth installing up to 6.6kW of solar as this will pay off best over time thanks to the feed-in tariff. Systems larger than this will not be eligible for the feed-in tariff so are usually only recommended for houses with batteries installed.

Having an installation comprised of premium quality panels is important for a number of reasons:

  • Premium solar panels have longer warranties backed by a manufacturer with more confidence in their product. This means not only are you covered for longer you are less likely to have to make a claim at all. Moreover a quality manufacturer with stricter quality control having to issue less warranty replacements is going to be more stable in the long run, and therefore able to make good on any future claims.
  • Premium solar panels have more comprehensive warranties that also cover the labour required to replace the solar panels and sometimes the lost energy savings from the panel being out of action.
  • Premium solar panels are more efficient requiring less space. All too often solar panels may be crammed onto a roof and suffer shading losses from vents and trees while creating a negative aesthetic effect. With a higher efficiency panel only the best parts of your roof need be used.

A solar inverter is one of the most important elements of the solar electric power system. It converts the variable direct current (DC) output of a photovoltaic (PV) solar panel into alternating 240V current (AC). This AC electricity then can be fed into your home to operate your appliances.

The electricity that is not used in your home is then either fed into the grid (electrical power lines) or into home battery storage.

The increasing number of solar panel installations in households around Australia is providing a new market opportunity for energy storage. Large batteries or multiple batteries joined together in battery banks can store the energy produced by solar panels. The household can then use that stored energy at a later time or sell it back to the electrical grid. For home owners, there are three main benefits of storing energy:

  • Maximise energy savings (by being able to store solar energy and thus use it more effectively)
  • Offset consumer feed-in tariffs (by being able to avoid using the grid at peak times when electricity is more expensive)
  • Provide continuity of supply (if the site has unreliable grid supply).

BTM Energy supply the following brand of solar panels:

  • Trina Solar Honey Mono
  • REC N-Peak Mono
  • Sunpower Maxeon

BTM Energy supply the following brand of solar batteries:

  • BYD
  • GenZ
  • Sonnen

A feed-in tariff is what your energy retailer pays you for the solar energy you don’t use – in WA this is 7.1c/kWh for residential customers.

Absolutely not. All energy you use while the sun is shining is free – providing you are producing at least as much using. Every kWh you use from your solar system saves you over 28c – that’s four times as much as the feed-in tariff! Any energy usage you can shift to the day will help you save even more of your energy bill! To understand your consumption better, make sure you ask for a consumption meter to be installed with your solar system.

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The Smart Choice. Switch to Solar with BTM Enegry.