• Norwood Road, Geraldton

    5kW system on Norwood Road, Geraldton.

  • Chapman Valley Road, Geraldton

    5kW system on Chapman Valley Road, Geraldton.

  • Bygrave Drive, Port Denison

    5kW system on Bygrave Drive, Port Denison.

  • Lorna Street, Geraldton

    4kW system on Lorna Street, Geraldton

  • Geraldton Chiropractic Centre, Geraldton

    This 10.7kW REC system is coupled a 8.2kW Fronius Inverter. This highly efficient & compact commercial system combines North, East and West Facing panels for a smooth extended production profile covering the energy needs of the centre. The solar array is especially tolerant of shading from neighbouring trees in the early morning/ later afternoon due […]

  • Waratah Court, Geraldton

    A BTM fixer upper! Patrick & Michelle Franco’s ageing solar system in Strathalbyn was producing far less than expected. After a site inspection we determined an old fuse had blown, isolating half the panels and resulting in huge amounts of lost generation over time. After replacing the fuse and rewiring the array to bring the system into line with current requirements, BTM installed an additional 7 Sunpower solar panels and replaced the ageing inverter with a brand new Fronius Primo having a fresh 10 year warranty. Always make sure your solar installer connects your system to the internet for monitoring or you could be stuck with inactive solar panels and be missing out on thousands of dollars of energy savings without even knowing!

    With old and new working together this system is now producing over more clean energy than ever!

  • Buller River Road, Nanson

    • 4.8kW of Sunpower Solar Panels
    • 4kW Victron MPPT Solar Charger
    • 5kVA Victron Multiplus Grid Forming Inverter
    • 10.24kWh BYD Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
    • Victron Colour Control Device allowing remote monitoring and access
  • Cathedral

    St Francis Xavier’s Cathedral, Geraldton

    A new BTM Solar Power Purchase Agreement down at Cathedral Avenue supplies solar power to the whole site including the St Francis Cathedral!

    The system mounted on the Café and Museum is made up of 37.5kW of Trina solar panels and coupled with 30kW of Fronius solar inverters.