• Pollinators, Geraldton

  • Geraldton Chiropractic Centre, Geraldton

    This 10.7kW REC system is coupled a 8.2kW Fronius Inverter. This highly efficient & compact commercial system combines North, East and West Facing panels for a smooth extended production profile covering the energy needs of the centre. The solar array is especially tolerant of shading from neighbouring trees in the early morning/ later afternoon due […]

  • Cathedral

    St Francis Xavier’s Cathedral, Geraldton

    A new BTM Solar Power Purchase Agreement down at Cathedral Avenue supplies solar power to the whole site including the St Francis Cathedral!

    The system mounted on the Café and Museum is made up of 37.5kW of Trina solar panels and coupled with 30kW of Fronius solar inverters.

  • Cramer and Neill

    Cramer & Neill, Geraldton

    18.6kW of Trina Solar Panels on a 15kW Fronius Inverter.

    The system has been generating over 100kWh per day in August (darker half of the year).

  • Sanford Veterinary Clinic, Geraldton

    Sanford Veterinary Clinic were looking to reduce the power bills of their brand new premise. BTM were able to gather and assess the energy data for the site and determine the best size system to suit. 19.8kW of Sunpower solar panels were installed using the areas of least shading. The panels are connected to a […]

  • Ariel view of solar panels

    A2Z Dental Clinic, Geraldton

    BTM recently installed a 13kW array of Trina Solar Panels connected to a 10kW Fronius Symo Inverter at A2Z Dental Clinic.

  • Solar Panels at Cunderdin Health Centre

    Cunderdin Health Centre, Cunderdin

    39kW PV System Featuring Trina Panels and Fronius Inverters.

    Due to its location the remote monitoring ability augmented by external antennas.

  • Solar Panels at Merridan Caravan Park

    Merredin Tourist Park, Merredin

    25kW PV System Featuring Sunpower E-Series Panels and SMA Inverter.

  • An imagine of Commercial Solar Panels

    Midwest Technologies, Geraldton

    17kW of GCL solar panels installed on a Red Dot tilt frame system connected to two Fronius 7kW inverters.

    Carefully deigned to avoid shading losses from parapet walls while providing generation diversity with different orientations to maximise self-consumption of solar power.

  • Blacktop Engineering Solar Panels

    Blacktop Engineering, Geraldton

    20.16kW of Conergy Solar panels installed on Alzone racking system.

    System features two 10kW SMA inverters.