About Us


Who are we?

We are a mix of experienced solar veterans, electrical engineers and customer service experts dedicated to bringing clean and affordable energy to all Australians.

Our team of engineers are committed to providing you with the best solution that will reduce your running costs and environmental impact. Having an extensive experience base in the design and install of renewable energy systems from On-Grid Metro to remote area stand-alone, we are eager to provide you with the benefits of the most advanced and proven technologies.

With offices in Perth and Geraldton we provide services for customers across the state. While many solar companies only provide installs for those in ideal situations, we love a challenge and have provided systems for even the most adverse conditions.

We will always maintain transparency about what we can and can’t do. Sometimes there will be situations where a solar investment doesn’t actually break even for several years because of small energy consumption or poor roof space. Installation may also not be possible because of the limits of your grid connection and could require upgrading. We can highlight these problems before you need to make any commitment to your contract or purchase so you can be sure about your decision.

We understand with rising electricity prices and inaction on climate change in Australia more and more of us seeking ways to reduce reliance on energy from the grid. If you’re interested in a solar solution for your home or business we’d be happy to give you some options. Contact us today and see what kind of system would be right for you.

All Designers and Installers at BTM Energy are Accredited by the Clean Energy Council. BTM Energy is a member of the Australian Solar Council.

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